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Posted On: May 13, 2021

Primary Guide (Stand-alone K)

Pullman Community Montessori

Pullman,WA, usa

Pullman Community Montessori (PCM), A PUBLIC MONTESSORI CHARTER SCHOOL, is seeking Montessori credentialed primary guides to join our team.

$12K Moving/Training Incentive!

BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN EDUCATION! Visit our website to learn more, view the full position description, and APPLY.


Unwavering commitment to Educators

 Competitive pay with great health and retirement benefits!

 Each guide will be supported by a full-time Montessori trained assistant who will also be provided interventionalist training and professional development.

 To ensure we can accommodate the breadth of needs presented by a stand-alone K, we have kept the student population in our classes low

 Grow professionally through support from a full-time Montessori Coach and over 30 days of dedicated high-quality personalized professional development and collaboration time.

 No requirement for dual roles: Guides will not be asked to teach remote and online classes.

 Grow your tool kit in meeting the needs of all learners through support from a full-time Special Educator hired and employed by PCM.

 Benefit from strategic partnerships:

 NCMPS (National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector), an organization that grows and sustains Montessori in the public sector with a focus on equity and access.

 TSS Place Network (Teton Science Schools), providing support in building a strong “Going Out” program for elementary students to connect them to the Pullman community and real-world project creation.

 PMA (Public Montessori in Action), supporting PCM in employment of a fully integrated multi-tiered system of support that employs both Child Study and the Nautilus behavioral approach.

Great location!

• Pullman exhibits a small town feel with big town amenities and options. Home to Washington State University and 8 miles from Moscow, Idaho, home of the University of Idaho.

• Enjoy increased community diversity and international celebrations attributed to being a University town.

• Benefit from a multiplicity of resources with 2 major Universities within a 8-mile radius: libraries, museums, lab and greenhouse tours, science center, cultural center, performing arts center, jazz festival, farmers markets, community gardens, symphony, lentil festival, connected bike paths, and more.

• Enjoy access to great parks and outdoor recreation opportunities!

• Safe community with a low cost of living compared to much of Washington State.

PCM’s stand-alone Kindergarten (K) program

“It is necessary that the human personality should be prepared for the unforeseen, not only for the conditions that can be anticipated by prudence and foresight…Adaptability – this is the most essential quality.” (Maria Montessori, From Childhood to Adolescence, p. 61)

At our very core PCM believes that ALL students deserve an education that meets them where they are, respects the learners’ capabilities and natural tendencies, and fosters their growth academically, social-emotionally, and in life-skills development. We fiercely advocate that high-fidelity PUBLIC Montessori is the most EQUITABLE option to achieve this goal. While funding for early childhood education is limited in many states, we do not believe this should be a barrier to accessing a high-quality Montessori education. Data supports that, even with a stand-alone K program, high-fidelity Montessori provides better long-term results for learners. Thus, PCM has poised itself with a stand-alone K that can easily be expanded to a full primary program when funding becomes available. We are optimistic this opportunity will present itself in the future! To ensure we can accommodate the breadth of needs presented by a stand-alone K, we have kept the student population in our classes low while maintaining the 1:1 Montessori Guide to Assistant ratio; we have hired a full-time Montessori Coach; we have expanded our classroom materials to ensure we have Montessori works to address all levels in the primary classroom and we have carefully integrated key pre-reading and reading resources to help those students entering with no experience. To start strong PCM has forged strategic partnerships, including with National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector, Public Montessori in Action and Teton Science School Place Network. Join us to be the change you want to see in education!