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Posted On: Apr 12, 2021

Mathematics and Occupations Guide (Middle School)

Montessori Children's Community

Sewickley,PA, usa

Sewickley Montessori Middle School is an inclusive class of 7th and 8th grade students working together in an interdisciplinary learning environment. As part of the larger Montessori Children’s Community (preK-8) community, SMMS is a space for students entering their “third plane” of adolescent development after formal Montessori education throughout their childhood.

SMMS gives serious emphasis to supporting students in building up their executive function: capacity to be responsible for their own learning, self care, self advocacy, contribution to the group and awareness of themselves as part of a larger community. Students have a weekly

schedule akin to collegiate coursework, with specific days for different classes, meetings, and activities outside of the physical classroom. In addition to a spacious, living space oriented classroom, SMMS maintains a residential home with kitchen, meeting space, a large capacity garden, and garage workshop.

With close proximity to the town of Sewickley’s walkable neighborhood, and direct access to parks, field space, and docks on the Ohio River, SMMS students and teachers make frequent use of the opportunities that outdoor access make possible. Sewickley is approximately 15 minutes outside the city of Pittsburgh, affording numerous cultural, institutional, and historic resources for expanding themes of student learning.

Roles & Responsibilities

Mathematics Education:

Plan and deliver an age appropriate, student-focused continuum of academic lessons and learning activities in pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry;

Plan readings (real world math applications and research) and hands-on activities (puzzles, games, etc.) for weekly Math Seminar sessions;

Present students with a variety of concepts, manipulatives, and exercises that engage students in mathematical thinking and growth beyond academic math studies;

Prepare students for transition to a variety of high school academic math environments;

Occupations Education:

Occupations is a series of month-long units (alternating in schedule with Humanities) focused on practical knowledge within respective career fields. There are four units per academic year, focused on a diversity of vocabulary, historic context, math/science concepts, and hands-on skills with tools, technology, organizational practices, etc.

Plan and deliver an age appropriate, student-focused continuum of concept/skill lessons and hands-on activities relevant to the given unit’s occupation theme;

Maintain safe and organized space for tools, materials, and student work activities for each unit;

Coordinate contacts and logistics of culminating field trips, guest speakers, and/or virtual activities to provide contextual experience and professional perspective for students;

Community Leadership:

Participate in all SMMS community meetings, classroom cleaning, student-teacher lunch sessions, and student trips/outings as a guide in a Montessori adolescent program;

Provide continuous role modeling for students, while maintaining Montessori principles in regard to all communication, discipline, and academic expectations;

Two annual “boarding” weeks with students at the school’s residential house property;

School & Classroom Duties:

Chaperoning of students during Morning Greeting and Afternoon Departure;

Attend and contribute to Head teacher, middle school staff, whole staff meetings, and school events/parent meetings;

Completion of 15 hours of Professional Development each academic year; Periodic offerings of leadership for after school or summer learning camp programs;


Bachelor Degree or higher in education;

PA Instructor certification that covers Mathematics and/or Science for grades 7-8 (specific certifications may be obtained in course of employment);

Montessori Adolescent certification (may be obtained in course of employment); Ideally several years of successful teaching experience with adolescent aged students;

Dedication to Montessori principles as well as general openness to learn with the community and grow as an educator;


In addition to a 12-month contracted salary (rate based on experience), this position has the option of live-in, year-round residency at the school’s house property