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Posted On: Oct 7, 2021

Infant/Toddler Lead Guide

Paché Montessori

Brooklyn,NY, usa

Paché Montessori Cobble Hill is seeking Lead Guides for the 2021/22 school year for our Toddler English (18 months – 3 years) environment.

Our anti-bias, antiracist Montessori school focuses on community growth, collaboration, and unity through shared values rooted in empathy and peace. With ample space in south Brooklyn, including two private outdoor spaces, our prepared school and classroom environment is fully equipped with materials and supplies to deliver a quality experience for children 3 months to 6 years old in English and full Spanish Immersion. A supportive community of families, guides and administrators alike, Paché Montessori truly puts the child at the center of decision-making. In order to best serve our children, we then prioritize how to best serve our teachers once we consider the child’s needs first. This principled approach allows our school to set up an environment that fosters growth, innovation, collaboration, empathy and support to individualize our classrooms and approach for each child in a deeply meaningful way.

Join a team of like-minded, value-driven individuals pursuing our spiritual preparation together with frequent professional development opportunities along with personal growth investment to build a foundation together to change the world through the peaceful education of children.

Lead Guides work a 10-month schedule, working throughout the academic school year, with summers off to pursue personal and professional growth, to return to school each fall eager and excited to continue guiding students. Our entire team enjoys a competitive salary, excellent health, dental and vision benefits as well as 20-25 paid holidays per year and ample flexible paid time off. In addition, Lead Guides enjoy discretionary classroom material and professional development budgets and sponsorship of annual Montessori conference attendance. This position exercises discretion and independent judgment to lead classes, prepare the Montessori classroom environment, create materials and activities, directly supervises and manages one or more Associate Guide and/or Floaters, handle complex parent and student issues, participate in campus events and community building. See summary full description of responsibilities below.


Lead the Montessori Classroom

Design and actively refine/maintain the Montessori classroom “prepared environment” for the child to explore, creating materials and designing activities as necessary for the success of the classroom

Give sequential Montessori presentations, according to the individual needs and progress of each child, and in accordance with the AMI Montessori teaching method

Track individual child progress

Create and maintain a safe, joyful, positive atmosphere for the children

Carefully observe individual children gain insight into their needs, and problem-solve their challenges in order to meet those needs

Be a positive leader for one or more Assistant Teachers and/or Floaters who will support the classroom

Parent Communication and Parent Education

Communicate proactively with parents on an informal basis, including emails, verbal conversations, and active Facebook posting on the campus closed Facebook group

Write progress reports twice per year

Conduct parent/teacher conferences twice per year

Hold one-on-one meetings with parents as necessary to meet the needs of individual children

Write class newsletters in accordance with the normal campus practice

Participate in Parent Education Events to educate parents and families about the

Montessori Outreach

Participate as needed in outreach and community-building events such as open houses and holiday celebrations

Participate in local charitable initiatives to spread your passion, knowledge, and love of Montessori pedagogy to groups and individuals who otherwise do not have the opportunity

Professional Development

Participate in periodic professional development opportunities, including travel to AMI or AMS annual conferences

Small personal development budget for pursuing spiritual preparation activities including yoga, meditation, courses, and more

Participate in observations with other teachers and staff (both as the observer and as the observed)

Offer training and resources to Associate Guides

Academic Administration

Engage in various administrative activities that support the school’s academic programs (e.g. planning for events, participating in staff meetings or one-on-one Head of School meetings, etc.)



Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education or related field

Montessori diploma for the appropriate age group, from any AMI, AMS or MACTE Montessori teacher training program worldwide

Experience and proven success in working with toddler-aged children

Passion for the Montessori philosophy, combined with excellence in communicating about the Montessori method to parents and community members

Desire and ability to partner effectively with parents in “following the child”, to thoughtfully provide them with the individual support needed to overcome his personal challenges

Palpable warmth of spirit and benevolence towards children, parents, and colleagues

Growth mindset and problem-solving approach; excited and eager to collaborate with community

Ability to embrace and exemplify Paché Montessori Cobble Hill’s “Core Values”

Technologically comfortable with systems such as Google Suite, Transparent Classroom, and more

Creative, innovative, and excited to individualize classroom approach tailored to each student

Positive outlook, embracing challenges to find solutions together while identifying growth and learning opportunities along the way


Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education or related field

NY State Teacher Certificate in Early Childhood Education or related field

Three years of experience as a Lead Guide in a Montessori classroom


Competitive salary

Summers off (July-mid-August)

Generous PTO package

~20-25 paid holidays

Excellent health, dental and vision benefits

Monthly classroom material budget

Ongoing professional development budget and opportunities (including annual Montessori conference)

School Hours: 8am to 5pm