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Posted On: Feb 13, 2022

Elementary Teaching Position

Harmony School

Columbia,SC, usa

Harmony school is looking for a full time Montessori Certified Elementary School Teacher to lead a multi-aged classroom serving grades 1st through 5th. Qualified individuals will have creative license to architect their perfect classroom.

Essential Functions

​-Development of class planning, evaluations and tracking of student progress.

-Helps nurture a love for learning that encourages the innate curiosity of children.

-Emphasizes the acquisition of solid academic skills in the areas of reading, writing, mathematical processes and research.

-Develops children’s unique writing styles through daily writing experiences and research projects.

Integrates units of study allowing for hands-on, experiential learning with an emphasis on expressing themselves through writing.

-Provides the setting for inquiry-based learning projects, applying skills from all curricular areas.

-Encourages the children to develop a respect for self and others and to enable children to find within them an acceptance needed to live in today’s world.

-Exposes children to many forms of music, art, fine literature, poetry, and physical movement.

-Provides a local and global awareness and an appreciation for the environment.

-Encourages self-motivation, self-reliance, and the ability to complete and critically evaluate tasks and projects.

-Provides access to Harmony’s fun summer program for elementary-age students which reinforces practical classroom tasks (such as reading and creative writing) and also features fun activities such as swimming, field trips, and African drumming.

Ideal Candidate Qualifications

-BA/BS degree required (elementary education or related discipline preferred)

-Montessori Certification or Montessori Class Hours with goal of completing Certification

-A minimum of six months experience teaching in a classroom setting

-A spirit of service and generosity, sound judgment and maturity, calm attention to detail and accuracy, excellent follow-through, verbal and written communication skills, and the ability to work with others.

-A passionate belief in the Harmony School’s mission, values and educational model and an enthusiasm for helping children learn and succeed.

-A willingness to pursue continuous education opportunities and a drive to set and achieve ambitious, challenging, and tangible goals

Minimum Skills and Qualifications

-Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

-Uncompromised ethics, high work standard, and an attention to detail.

-A willingness to be an active member of an innovative, collaborative, and cohesive team of educational professionals.

-Business telephone etiquette.

-Excellent grammar and punctuation, and basic math skills.

-Adept at working with a variety of software applications (e.g., Microsoft Windows and Google Classroom).

-Experience planning and executing projects and activities.