The NAMTA Adolescent Event at the AMI/USA Refresher Course

The NAMTA Adolescent Event at the AMI/USA Refresher Course

 Positive Adolescent Psychology: What Can Be Seen Beyond the Calculating Mind

February 17-20, 2017

Renaissance Austin Hotel, Austin, TX


As the 12–18 model becomes more coherent, the universal turning points of adolescent psychology need to be clarified. Program universals must include sophisticated content that is worthy of adults and up-to-date disciplines that correspond to the psychological strictures of the adolescent. This professional development course will examine program universals and will explore the potential for rich, diverse content development.


Contact NAMTA about the adolescent event, or 216-721-3773.

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For more information about the AMI/USA Refresher Course visit
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Dear NAMTA Colleagues,

Although NAMTA will complete its final membership year at the end of this July, we will continue to provide membership benefits through October, 2019.

Over the next few months, we will be presenting the popular Baltimore conference "Montessori: Learning for All" on Oct. 11-12, 2019. You can still count on us to supply service to the Montessori archives, produce a final NAMTA journal, accept and post job listings, and orders are still being filled through our online store.

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