“Edison’s Day” Free Video on Demand for the Month of July

For the month of July, NAMTA is offering “Edison’s Day” as a free video on demand. This popular video follows 20-month old Edison throughout his day as he goes to school, socializes, and independently participates in self-care and household duties. The 29-minute video can be accessed through Vimeo by following this link (https://vimeo.com/r/2Nk1/NGhDU3cuVV), which will automatically apply the promo code. The video can also be accessed through our online store or individual Vimeo accounts and then by entering the promo code FREEJULY during the rental process. Viewers will need to create a Vimeo account, which is simply a log-in and password. Once the video is “borrowed,” Vimeo will allow unlimited free viewings for 72 hours. The promo code, FREEJULY, can be re-used through the month of July.

Continuing with NAMTA’s mission to support parents, schools, teachers, and the whole Montessori community, we ask that you please share our offer with parents in your schools and with other interested organizations. In partnership with James and Sarah Moudry, we are happy to be able to stay connected and to continue our support of the Montessori community with this uplifting and inspiring parent resource during this period of physical distancing.

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