Recent themes have included Montessori frameworks for adolescence; language, creativity, and culture; parent education; nurturing the human potential; all-day Montessori; future challenges; school administration; nature and aesthetics; and moral and character development.


Journal topics for the 2016-2017 membership year are:

Winter 2017—All is Gift: Enjoying the Presence of God—Adults and Children

NAMTA honors Dr. Sofia Cavalletti, Montessori’s finest theologian and educator, by publishing some of the most profound documentation of her work. Dr. Cavalletti’s text has been selected and translated by Patricia Coulter, a colleague and longtime friend of Sofia Cavalletti. This journal celebrates one hundred years of Sofia Cavalletti.

Spring 2017—Finding the 'Hook': Montessori Strategies to Support Concentration and Avoid Distraction

This journal will publish the proceedings of two critical NAMTA conferences. The topics cover the environmental hazards that can impact normalization/normality and also encourage and inform with approaches that bring out maximum potential in children.

Summer 2017—The Montessori Whole-School Handbook for Montessori Trained and Untrained Administrators

This handbook supports schools and their staff who are searching for common ground in implementing processes and roles for Montessori pedagogical experiences, with a focus on administration and missions.


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