Finding a School Sponsorship

Finding a School Sponsorship

Some Montessori schools sponsor the training of candidates who they feel are particularly qualified to become Montessori teachers. In many cases, these people have proven their reliability and commitment to a school through working as an assistant or as a parent volunteer.


Study the NAMTA Advertisements or Place an Ad


Look through the NAMTA ads and find a school that has indicated they are seeking a teacher and are willing to sponsor a candidate for training.  Place you own ad stating your qualifications, your desire to take training, and your need to be sponsored with contact information. 


Some Qualifications for Gaining a School Sponsorship

  • Candidate already has a relationship with a school through employment or perhaps as a former student;
  • Candidate has demonstrated a talent for working with children;
  • Candidate meets all admission requirements for the training center selected (4 year undergraduate degree, proficiency in language of training course.);
  • Candidate has a connection to the community in which the school is located, through friends, relatives, etc.

Terms of the Agreement


The usual sponsorship agreement contains these components:


The candidate receives support in the form of a loan for Montessori training in return for a multi-year commitment to stay with the sponsoring school, usually two to three years.


The loan usually covers tuition and fees, and the candidate pays living expenses during the training period.

In some cases, the school may forgive a portion of the loan with each year of subsequent service rendered by the candidate. In others, the candidate pays back the loan by deducting a pro-rated amount from each paycheck over the term of the contract.


In the event of termination, the candidate is usually required to pay back the balance of the loan with interest calculated from the date of loan disbursement.