Montessori Associations

Montessori Associations

The Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) 
AMI was established in 1929 by Maria Montessori and was guided for more than 50 years by her son and close collaborator, Mario M. Montessori. AMI's objective is to uphold and safeguard the quality of Montessori training and the passing on of Maria Montessori's heritage through her educational philosophy and methodology, including the materials and their presentation.

The Association Montessori International—USA (AMI/USA) 
The United States branch of the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI)

The AMI Elementary Alumni Association 
A community of Montessori teachers holding an elementary diploma issued by the Association Montessori Internationale, who support one another in their professional development

American Montessori Society (AMS) 
AMS is a nonprofit education society founded in 1960 whose purpose is to help children develop their fullest potential through the educational principles of Maria Montessori. This includes the following: developing Montessori programs, accrediting schools, granting credentials, encouraging research, organizing seminars and symposia, and all other areas which relate to the dissemination of Montessori philosophy. 

Montessori Development Partnerships (MDP)

MDP is dedicated to bringing human and financial resources into a coordinated effort that results in greater support for Montessori development in Northeast Ohio, the United States, and abroad. Its role is to initiate, design, and raise funds for evolving Montessori partnerships that will encourage community solutions, bring Montessori education to the public and private sectors, and transmit Montessori projects internationally. 

Montessori Leaders Collaborative (MLC)

The Montessori Leaders Collaborative comprises a representative group of leaders and the roster of participants is intentionally designed to act as a porous conduit of information, ideas and action: MLC brings a collective voice to and from the many experts, advocates and practitioners in the fields of Montessori and early childhood education, among others. Members include representatives from several major Montessori organizations, including:

American Montessori Society
AMI Elementary Alumni Association
Association Montessori Internationale
International Montessori Council
Montessori Accreditationl Council for Teacher Education
Montessori Administrators Association
Montessori Educational Programs International
Montessori Foundation
National Center for Montessori in the Publc Sector
North American Montessori Teachers' Assocation