School Operations and Administration

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+Supplement 2013-2015Supplement 2013-2015The Evolution of a Montessori High School
This very special book was developed through careful planning and research ...
+37:1 A National Montessori Curriculum Report37:1 A National Montessori Curriculum ReportThe Winter 2012 NAMTA Journal (37:1) is an unprecedented description of Montessori scope and sequence. This journal repr...$40.00+2012 Supplement2012 SupplementStrategic Planning for Montessori Schools

This supplement to the 1999 Whole-School Montessori Handbook discusses ...

Welcome back and thank you for your patience as we have been transitioning to new locations, beginning new work with new staff, and refreshing our processes.

Our online store and archives have successfully moved into a new space where all of our publications and media, both for sale and for research via the archives, are housed in one large office/warehouse. Along with the refreshed processes and efficiency this new space brings, we will be implementing new ordering and payment systems for the NAMTA store and updating other member services. We are now filling back orders and will be ready to accept new orders by December 11th.

Our operations are now headquartered in Seattle and are being managed by NAMTA’s longtime president Jacquie Maughan. Please feel free to contact us at or call the Seattle office at 206-919-6349.

For additional news and updates, please see the note from the NAMTA officers.

Finally, be sure to mark your calendars and plan to attend our conference in Seattle/Tacoma on April 4-7, 2019. This conference will not only explore the most current approaches and uses of technology but will also inspire and enrich our understanding of maintaining our balance with the forces that keep us rooted and connected to humanity through the power of story, the natural world, and creativity. Check back soon for program and registration information.