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+Supplement 2013-2015Supplement 2013-2015The Evolution of a Montessori High School
This very special book was developed through careful planning and research ...
+37:1 A National Montessori Curriculum Report37:1 A National Montessori Curriculum ReportThe Winter 2012 NAMTA Journal (37:1) is an unprecedented description of Montessori scope and sequence. This journal repr...$40.00+2012 Supplement2012 SupplementStrategic Planning for Montessori Schools

This supplement to the 1999 Whole-School Montessori Handbook discusses ...

Happy Holidays from NAMTA!

Thank you for your patience and support during this transition to new locations for our office and our store.

We will be spending the next two weeks finalizing a new system for our store and catching up on memberships. The store will now be managed by Shopify, an online e-commerce system. It will go live and be ready for orders by January 7th.

The NAMTA staff will resume filling the orders at that time. We hope you find the new system easy to use and efficient. Please let us know if you have any difficulty.

In the meantime, we are thrilled to have the program for Seattle/Tacoma ready to announce. Please review our flier announcing this timely and important conference. We will begin registration at on January 11th.

Best wishes as we celebrate the New Year.

The NAMTA Board and Staff