Adolescent Readings

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+To Educate the Human PotentialTo Educate the Human PotentialThis book helps teachers envision the child's needs after the age of six. "We claim that the average boy or girl of twel...$13.00+The Secret of ChildhoodThe Secret of ChildhoodMaria Montessori describes the child with warmth and the exactness of the scientist. She discusses the materials and tec...$8.00+The Formation of ManThe Formation of ManMaria Montessori talks about the psychology of the child during the first four years of life, about the formation of the...$14.00
+The Absorbent MindThe Absorbent MindThe Absorbent Mind is an analysis of the physical and psychological aspects of a child's growth during the most signific...$16.00+Peace Through EducationPeace Through EducationAMI Journal double-issue 2013/1-2

A definitive issue reviewing Montessori literature on the psychology and actual...
+NAMTA's Tool Kit for the Adolescent PractitionerNAMTA's Tool Kit for the Adolescent PractitionerAn overview of Montessori adolescent education

This set contains:
1. Education and Peace
2. From Childhood ...
+Montessori and the AdolescentMontessori and the AdolescentAMI Communications double-issue 2011/1-2

This book features previously unpublished lectures by Maria Mont...
+Montessori Algebra for the AdolescentMontessori Algebra for the AdolescentBy Michael J. Waski

A new 800+ page publication written in album-style format available to those who have complet...
+Maria Montessori: Her Life and WorkMaria Montessori: Her Life and WorkE.M. Standing reveals the inspirations behind Maria Montessori's work.$17.00
+From Childhood to AdolescenceFrom Childhood to AdolescenceMontessori examines the educational concerns of the older child, the adolescent, and even the mature university student....$14.00+Education and PeaceEducation and PeaceTranslated by Helen R. Lane

During the 1930s, as war clouds gathered over Europe, Maria Montessori became profoun...
+Basic Ideas of Montessori's Educational TheoryBasic Ideas of Montessori's Educational TheoryExtracts from Maria Montessori's Writings and Teachings, compiled by Paul Oswald

This book provides a lively an...
+A Timeline of MathematicsA Timeline of Mathematicsby Michael J. Waski

Two timelines connect key mathematicians from different cultures and eras directly to content...
+34:3 The Fifth Adolescent Colloquium34:3 The Fifth Adolescent ColloquiumThe Fifth Adolescent Colloquium

The NAMTA Journal 34:3 (Summer 2009)

Selected proceedings and supplemental...
+33:3 The Fourth Adolescent Colloquium33:3 The Fourth Adolescent ColloquiumThe Fourth Adolescent Colloquium

The NAMTA Journal 33:3 (Summer 2008)

Contents focus on the vision of the ...
+31:1 The Third Adolescent Colloquium31:1 The Third Adolescent ColloquiumThe Third Adolescent Colloquium

The NAMTA Journal 31:1 (Winter 2005)

Topics include Erdkinder, specialists...
+28:3 A Comparison of Montessori and Traditional Middle Schools28:3 A Comparison of Montessori and Traditional Middle SchoolsA Comparison of Montessori and Traditional Middle Schools: Motivation, Quality of Experience, and Social Context

+22:3 The First Adolescent Colloquium (1996)22:3 The First Adolescent Colloquium (1996)The NAMTA Journal 22:3 (Summer 1997)
The historic First Adolescent Colloquium took place in Cleveland, Ohio, in Octo...