The NAMTA Montessori Archive

The NAMTA Montessori Archive

Thousands of Montessori sources at your fingertips.

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The NAMTA Montessori Archive represents an index to over 50 Montessori periodicals—some ongoing, some long out of print. It also incorporates Montessori citations from 23 library indexes, covering journals, popular magazines, newspapers, books, and dissertations. It is an invaluable tool for parent-education ideas, research projects, school newsletters, teacher development, study of Montessori theory, methods, and history.


The NAMTA Montessori Archive is a searchable online version of our 800-page NAMTA Montessori Archive and Research Guide.

  • Web-based database
  • More than 20,000 citations
  • Montessori sources in English 1909-present
  • Updated continuously with the newest Montessori publications
  • Categorized by more than 300 keywords
  • Simply click on a keyword and see all entries on that topic
  • Or specify up to three search terms from fields such as year, author, book title, article title, journal title
  • Once you locate articles of interest, order copies from NAMTA 

Nearly all citations are available as photocopies from our archives of more than 13,000 holdings. Copies of available items are $0.50 per page plus shipping. Details on how to order articles are furnished on the website.


Thanks to a grant from The Hershey Foundation, subscriptions are very affordable for individuals and institutions.