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  • February 12-15, 2016, Adolescent Event at the AMI/USA Refresher Course in Los Angeles, CA 

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NAMTA's purpose is to maintain Montessori traditions, and at the same time, to be on the cutting edge of innovative education. Accordingly, we provide the medium for study, interpretation, and improvement of Montessori education.

A NAMTA Conference in Portland, OR, March 31-April 3, 2016

A Montessori Integrated Approach to Science, Mathematics,
Technology, and the Environment

Featuring Baiba Krumins Grazzini, Ginni Sackett, and John McNamara


March 31-April 3, 2016

Portland, OR


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Exploring the foundations and development of creativity and scientific innovation, this conference takes a fresh look at the integrated developmental approach that is Montessori education. Quoting professor Raniero Regni, “To go beyond Montessori is to rediscover Montessori. Montessori is waiting for us in the future.” From adolescence to the roots of childhood, we will explore the luring demands of technology and its role in creativity, invention, and as a reorientation to the web of life in the context of the man-made world.


Featuring Baiba Krumins Grazzini, Ginni Sackett, and John McNamara, this conference will discuss and explore the authentic inquiry, practical skills, and work of the hand that is characteristic of Montessori and the ideas behind the contemporary Maker Movement. Participants will enjoy a fresh overview of scientific and technological applications that are grounded in Montessori principles and practice.