Adolescent Summit, Water, May 22-28, 2017

Adolescent Summit, Water, May 22-28, 2017

Consequences of Marine Pollution on Man and His Environment

Host School: Collège Montessori Amorique

Students will stay with host families provided by the school.



Adolescents are uniquely suited to address the critical issues of the world. Only by directly experiencing the complexities of society and working in a global community will adolescents develop an authentic understanding of the human condition as their social and moral selves evolve.


To encourage hope and positive action for the future, the adolescent needs to feel part of the solution by their efforts to solve one problem at a time. When a group of Montessori students from different parts of the world collaborate, they become advocates for what is true human progress. This is their developmental task.


Marine pollution is caused by the waste, substances, and energies that have harmful effects on living resources and marine ecosystems. There are multiple pathways of pollution, often the result of human activities, such as windblown debris, atmospheric pollution, oil spill, and agricultural runoff. The result is a range of serious effects on the environment and human health that are easy to identify on a local or global level. The purpose of this summit is to study causes of marine pollution and to find solutions on a short- and longterm basis. Marine pollution is a tangible issue and this summit offers students the chance to explore the topic and realize the responsibility they have in society to fight pollution.