Adolescent Summit, Humans, April 19-22, 2017

Adolescent Summit, Humans, April 19-22, 2017

Topic: Humans

Host School: Dundas Valley and Strata Montessori Schools

Students will stay with host families provided by the school.



Adolescents are uniquely suited to address the critical issues of the world. Only by directly experiencing the complexities of society and working in a global community will adolescents develop an authentic understanding of the human condition as their social and moral selves evolve.


To encourage hope and positive action for the future, the adolescent needs to feel part of the solution by their efforts to solve one problem at a time. When a group of Montessori students from different parts of the world collaborate, they become advocates for what is true human progress. This is their developmental task.


Food, a fundamental human need, weaves itself through our lives: from individual dietary choices we make, family traditions, a culture’s customs, to the practices of businesses and institutions. Supporting local farmers, sustainable farming practices, and learning how to prepare balanced wholesome meals affects not only the environment but human society. At Strata, our young adolescents are challenged to view the issue of global food security through the lens of our own daily lunch program and the choices we makes as a community about the food we eat everyday. Our Farm to School project’s focus is to explore and understand the impact humans have on global sustainability by putting responsible food choices into practice. The modern food system’s impact on our health, society, and economy is also examined. The aim of the project is to create a community where its members are cooking and eating clean, healthy meals with whole foods and fresh produce, straight from the land that surrounds us.