Adolescent Summit, Humans, May 17-20, 2017

Adolescent Summit, Humans, May 17-20, 2017

Inclusion through Solidarity and Collaboration

Host School: Montessori Campus Wien Hüttendorf

Students will stay with host families provided by the school.



Adolescents are uniquely suited to address the critical issues of the world. Only by directly experiencing the complexities of society and working in a global community will adolescents develop an authentic understanding of the human condition as their social and moral selves evolve.


To encourage hope and positive action for the future, the adolescent needs to feel part of the solution by their efforts to solve one problem at a time. When a group of Montessori students from different parts of the world collaborate, they become advocates for what is true human progress. This is their developmental task.

The civil war in Syria has created a large population of refugees to migrate to Europe, including into Austria. Last year, as a way to better understand the controversial issue of migration to their country, the adolescent students of Montessori Campus worked with refugee groups to create visual art projects and cooked meals together. Their goal was to come together with these groups to create human understanding and solidarity through collaborative work. This year, Montessori Campus will be continuing their mission of inclusion through a drama project and once again cooking and sharing meals. The work of this summit will focus on migration, particularly that of refugees seeking a new home due to a number of factors prevalent in parts of our world today, including war and political conflict. Sharing in this mission with the students of Montessori Campus, visiting students will take their experiences from the summit in Vienna as a jumping point for working with homeless or refugee populations in their local communities.