NAMTA Updates

Dear NAMTA Members, Colleagues and Supporters,

Thank you to everyone who joined NAMTA, EAA, and AMIUSA in Baltimore for the Montessori: Learning for All conference. 

We are writing to give you additional updates regarding NAMTA transitions. NAMTA will continue to operate the NAMTA store through our website until further notice.  NAMTA has a large inventory which we will continue to make available to you, as well as maintaining access to the NAMTA bibliography. NAMTA will also continue our commitments to schools to host job postings on our website through the 2019-2020 academic year.  As promised, we will also complete our 2019 journal.  We will deliver the digital journal to our members and print copies will be available for purchase.

We will keep you posted as to our progress. Updates regarding NAMTA transitions will be posted on our website.  We also appreciate your feedback and reflections on the role that NAMTA has had for your development as teachers, schools, parents, and others.  You may contact us at

Thank you again to those who attended the conference in Baltimore.  It was wonderful to be with all of you.

Very best wishes,

The NAMTA Officers
Jacquie Maughan
Deborah Bricker
Molly O'Shaughnessy
Gerard Leonard
Sarah Werner Andrews





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